Healthy Habits As You Age

What are these routines you ask?

Here are some of the more common habits and routines:

Avoid smoking

Smoking and and tobacco products account for a large percentage of cancer cases particularly those in the mouth, throat and lung areas. Smoking also has a hardening effect on the blood vessels which is a bad thing because it increases the risk for heart disease. In addition smoking promotes more rapid aging of all the organs including the skin.

Have an exercise routine

How often do you get out and walk? Studies have shown a noticeable increase in the health of those who are more physically active. Walking, even standing up frequently throughout the day can help improve health. Active bodies have a better circulation, which means that the risk of stroke and other life-threatening events is decreased. Researchers have recommended a minimum of 2 1/2 hours of exercise per week to maintain health.

Have an active social life

When you have friends and loved ones around it's a lot easier to be involved in all sorts of fun and engaging activities. Taking trips to the mall or the grocery store become fun events that add to our quality-of-life. Being around people and having physical contact also helps to lower stress which helps preserve health. Choosing in engaging in new hobbies also help maintain mental equity and focus.

Eat Healthier Less Processed Foods most of the time

Diet makes up a large portion of the factors that involve health. For the best health, it is important to have a lot of natural foods to eat.  Natural does not mean raw foods but rather less processed and low in saturated fats.  Highly processed foods usually are high in chemicals and preservatives as well as salt. Colored vegetables and fruits are full of helpful nutrients that will keep you looking young by helping your skin look more youthful.

Limit the inatke of Alcohol

Small quantities of wine are indeed beneficial for the heart but hard liquor as well as beer can take a toll on both the liver as well as the brain. Of course alcohol will also increase the likelihood of the ‘middle age bulge’. Indulge in very limited amounts for your own well-being.

Regular Health Checks and preventative Maintenance

Most of us take better care of our vehicles than our bodies. This is sad because one can buy a new car but we only have the one body we were born with. This includes preventive checks for the eyes as well as the teeth.


Priya Ramaiah, MD

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