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Vaginal dryness can happen to anybody, especially during and after menopause. If vaginal dryness causes you pain or affects intimacy with your partner, gynecologist and robotics surgeon Dr. Priyabala Ramaiah and the staff at Total Women’s Care in Canton, Ohio, can help. The team uses revolutionary MonaLisa Touch, bioidentical hormone therapy, customized compounded hormone prescriptions, and alternative medicine to reduce or eliminate vaginal dryness. Call today to learn more, or use the online scheduling tool.

Vaginal Dryness

What is vaginal dryness?

Vaginal dryness is a women’s health condition that happens when vaginal tissue is not as well lubricated as it should be. This can lead to:

  • Vaginal pain
  • Itchiness
  • Soreness
  • Burning, especially with urination
  • Pain during intercourse
  • Frequent urinary tract infections
  • Light bleeding after intercourse


Vaginal dryness can hinder your quality of life by causing pain, loss of interest in sex, or even embarrassment.

What causes vaginal dryness?

Numerous factors may play a role in causing vaginal dryness, such as:

  • Low estrogen levels
  • Menopause and perimenopause
  • Taking certain medications
  • Surgery to remove the ovaries
  • Radiation or chemotherapy treatment
  • Smoking
  • Stress or depression
  • Childbirth
  • Breastfeeding


If you suffer from vaginal dryness, the condition may become worse after irritation from laundry detergents, soaps, perfumes, lotions, douches, condoms, or tampons.

What are the treatments for vaginal dryness?

Fortunately, Dr. Ramaiah and the medical staff at Total Women’s Care use numerous treatments to reduce vaginal dryness and ease symptoms associated with it, such as:

MonaLisa Touch

MonaLisa Touch is a revolutionary laser treatment used for vaginal rejuvenation. This five-minute, minimally invasive in-office procedure uses laser energy to repair damaged cells, increase collagen production, tighten vaginal tissue, stimulate blood flow, and restore lubrication to reduce vaginal dryness. Patients tolerate the procedure well and experience no downtime.

Bioidentical hormone therapy

Dr. Ramaiah may recommend bioidentical hormone therapy to balance the low estrogen levels responsible for decreased vaginal lubrication. Synthetic bioidentical hormones are identical to the hormones your body naturally produces and are available in pills, transdermal pellets, patches, creams, and vaginal gels.

Customized compounded hormone prescriptions

Customized compounded hormone prescriptions are made-to-order based on your individual hormone levels. These hormones restore hormonal balance and improve vaginal dryness associated with low estrogen.

Alternative medicine

Dr. Ramaiah believes in treating women’s health conditions using natural remedies whenever possible. She may recommend alternative medicine, such as taking nutritional supplements or making lifestyle changes, to ease vaginal dryness.

When you’re ready to try vaginal rejuvenation to ease dryness, pain, and other symptoms associated with low estrogen, call Total Women’s Care today, or book an appointment online with Dr. Ramaiah.