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Female sexual dysfunction may be more common than you think, affecting about 43% of women in the U.S. Gynecologist and robotics surgeon Dr. Ramaiah and the staff at Total Women’s Care in Canton, Ohio, use revolutionary MonaLisa Touch® laser therapy which is an FDA cleared medical in-office treatment for relief from vulvo-vaginal discomfort and dryness to eliminate problems in the bedroom. Call today to learn more!

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Sexual Dysfunction

What is female sexual dysfunction?

Sexual dysfunction in women comes in various forms and includes problems with:

  • Sexual response
  • Sexual desire
  • Pain during intercourse
  • Orgasms
  • Sexual satisfaction

Female sexual dysfunction can be uncomfortable, lead to problems with relationships, or be embarrassing for women. Fortunately, various treatments improve comfortability and confidence in the bedroom to restore your quality of life.

What causes female sexual dysfunction?

The cause of female sexual dysfunction isn’t always entirely clear, but some common factors that might lead to the condition include:

  • Hormone imbalance
  • Having a baby or breastfeeding
  • Going through or reaching menopause
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Blood vessel or heart problems
  • Kidney or bladder problems
  • Taking certain medications
  • Anxiety and depression

Long-term stress, low self-esteem, a history of sexual abuse, or relationship conflicts may also cause sexual dysfunction or lack of sexual desire in women.

How is female sexual dysfunction treated?

At Total Women’s Care, Dr. Ramaiah and her team use the following methods to treat female sexual dysfunction:

MonaLisa Touch

MonaLisa Touch is a revolutionary procedure for vaginal rejuvenation that improves sexual dysfunction in women. This innovative treatment is minimally invasive and uses laser energy to stimulate blood flow, enhance collagen formation, improve stimulation, tighten vaginal tissue, and restore lubrication.

MonaLisa Touch is a five-minute, in-office procedure with no downtime. It requires no anesthesia, and patients tolerate the procedure well. A MonaLisa Touch laser procedure can restore your sex life after just a few sessions.


Bioidentical hormone therapy

When sexual dysfunction is caused by low estrogen, bioidentical hormone therapy often helps improve your symptoms. Synthetic bioidentical hormones are identical to the estrogen and progesterone that your body naturally produces and come in pills, vaginal rings, creams, transdermal pellets, and patches.

Alternative medicine

Natural remedies and lifestyle changes may improve sexual dysfunction in women without further treatment. Examples include:

  • Avoiding smoking
  • Avoiding excessive alcohol
  • Increasing physical activity
  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Seeking treatment for depression
  • Getting plenty of sleep
  • Keeping stress levels low

When you’re ready to restore your sex life with vaginal rejuvenation using revolutionary MonaLisa Touch, bioidentical hormone therapy, or alternative medicine, call Total Women’s Care today, or use the online scheduling tool.